Strandhotellet Blokhus’ family


Strandhotellet Blokhus is in the same family as Restaurant Futten, Strandingskroen, Restaurant Salino and Oak Bar.

Restaurant Futten

Restaurant Futten is located right in the heart of Blokhus, just a few steps from Strandhotellet.

At Futten you may enjoy a large lunch buffet with everything that belongs to it, or you can have one of our many classic evening dishes.
Futten can be found in a historical half-timbered and thatched building from 1761. The restaurant is the very essence of timeless charm with historical details such as windows from an old hospital in Hjørring, creaking church benches from Aalborg and shelves from an old pharmacy. The many finds and details have made Futten as a listed location, which is worth your time to stop by on your visit to Blokhus in North Jutland.

Have a musical and cultural experience. Get caught up by the atmosphere and drawn into the music when live jazz is on at Restaurant Futten.

Oak Bar

In the same yard as Restaurant Futten is Oak Bar located. This listed property has been transformed into a modern and atmospheric cocktail bar with cozy atmosphere and warmth from the fireplace.

Oak Bar serves slider menus and the coveted crisp Flammkuchen and of course offers a variety of colorful cocktails. Oak Bar is open every weekend and public holidays from 11am.

On the cool evenings, the fireplace is switched on, and during the summer a large selection of drinks can be enjoyed on the large outdoor terrace.

In the late evening hours, Oak Bar is “the place to meet” as an obvious place to enjoy a tasteful cocktail in, for example, the bar’s old bunker from the World War II.

Restaurant Salino

Very close to Strandhotellet Blokhus you can visit Restaurant Salino – a lovely exclusive Italian restaurant with a rich selection of Italian specialties. You can choose between delicate appetizers, pasta dishes or delicious Italian meat dishes. Homemade pizzas and dishes for children are also offered. For dessert, the house’s tiramisu can tempt.

The restaurant opens every day at 5pm.


Opposite Strandhotellet is the old half-timbered building from 1844, the well-known Strandingskroen. The unique décor with the many stranded ship elements, which adorn the walls of the historic premises, makes the Strandingskroen a visit worth.

Strandingskroen was originally built as a sailor ship store back in the 19th century – above all well visited by King Frederik the 7th. The Strandingskroen was subsequently converted to “Klitgaard’s Bath Hotel”, ie. Blokhus’ first bathing hotel, which the building served as until 1966. Afterwards Strandingskroen got its current name, where it also changed from the bathing hotel to a definite inn.

In April 2019, Strandhotellet (Blokhus’ newest and only bath hotel) merged with Strandingskroen (Blokhus’ oldest bathing hotel).

At Strandingskroen the concept is fine dining, and everything is of course prepared from scratch and with the best raw materials. The inspiration is obtained from the Danish and French cuisine, where every night three dishes can be chosen freely from the A la Carte card.

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